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MARKETplace Models Format

BiMUp MARKETplace™ for SketchUp

These guidelines will help you prepare your
3D model and views for maximum sales on
BiMUp MARKETplace™ for SketchUp


1. Create images to display your model to customers. Create several views of the model showing it from different angles. You should also create at least one wireframe image to show how the model is constructed. Create the images as 550px x 550px JPG or PNG (= approx. 80kB) to make them look their best on
BiMUp MARKETplace™ for SketchUp.

You can upload up to 6 images (minimum is 3) and these images are called thumbnails.


- You can rearrange their order in your Seller Account > Product > Product Images
Simply 'drag and move' them as you require.
- You don't have add any product tags - we will generate them automatically

If you use a third-party renderer to render your thumbnails, you have to state this in the product's Description when you decide to publish your model. We recommend that you also include some thumbnails without the plug-in renderer to avoid misleading customers who don't own the renderer or don't know how to achieve the same result.

2. Include SketchUp Statistics in the Product Description about your 3D models to
indicate how Lean or Heavy the model is:

* This information will be required when you publish the model.

3. Choose a price for your model but not less than £0.99 (99 pence). Look at comparable products on
BiMUp MARKETplace™ for SketchUp to determine a reasonable price for your model. More complex models with better textures will sell for more but some clients will look for '3D Lean' objects to create much more bigger models of housing, landscape or urban design where lean objects are more suitable.

4. All SketchUp models must be saved as *.SKP file Version 8

If you are using SketchUp 2013 please save your files to SketchUp V8

5. Package the 3D Models, 2D Symbols, Textures/Patterns/Styles, for easy download (*.ZIP or *.RAR file). You will need to create the actual product files in such a way that the customer can get everything he/she needs easily. The best way to do this is to create a ZIP/RAR file for each category. For example:

It is not necessary to include the thumbnail renderings in the ZIP file, though you may do so if you wish.

6. Seller's Avatar has to be 150px x 150px with an Alphanumeric Nickname.

We will check the content and description before is published.

We will notify you when everything is ready.

Please see our
Membership Terms and Conditions
before proceeding to the next stage

If you are ready please
Create your BiMUp MARKETplace™ Account
and you will be able to upload, set the price and publish your files for sale

BiMUp Limited Team
SketchUp® is a registered trademark of Trimble®