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BiMUp Ready Template - EU - Feasibility

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BiMUp Ready Template - EU - Feasibility

BiMUp Ready Template™ helps to extract BiMUp Enriched/Embedded Data from any SketchUp 3D model in an organised way based on specific requirements.

BiMUp 5D will generate:

  • Adobe *.PDF or MS Excel *.CSV file with information associated with 3D models,
  • Basic information like Count, Name, Area, Length or Volume would be generated automatically from SketchUp models,
  • Conversion to Sheets, Packs, Weight, Density, Amount of Bricks/Blocks, External Links or Specifications would rely on basic formulas linked to specific sizes or simple Data Enrichment through MS Excel,
  • Data can be Added or Removed as required,
  • Units can be expressed as Metric (EU) or Architectural (US)

We have created a comprehensive set of BiMUp Ready Templates™ to be used with SketchUp models:

  • Feasibility - BiMUp Ready Template™
  • Planning - BiMUp Ready Template™
  • Construction - BiMUp Ready Template™

BiMUp Warehouse Limited Team

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