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About BiMUp Software

About BiMUp Software

BiMUp Ltd’s first product, is called BiMUp 5D which directly relates to the day-to-day use of BiM. It is simple, but quite remarkable, software that enables quantities to be taken off any SketchUp model (The technicalities of this are contained in the product details and demonstrated in the video presentations).

We have brought this to market because it is the crucial ‘missing part of the jigsaw’ that enables BiM using SketchUp to become a reality.
It means that cost-modelling can be auto-generated from the earliest design models and that each time there is a change, the spreadsheets are also updated automatically.

We are aware that this is quite a provocative step. It may mean that 95% of construction projects can be BiM Compliant without the need for the expensive software, hardware and training implications of the alternatives.

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Because of the inherent adaptability of SketchUp and the millions of users, we consider that it will only be a matter of time before the ‘missing 5%’ is also covered.


So, BiMUp Limited is focused on construction, through its name and through its software product, BiMUp 5D. But we do not see that as the end of the story, because we think that SketchUp will increasingly be used to model all sorts of products and installations in other industries.

For that reason, BiMUp 5D will also be used as a quantifying tool on a widespread basis.

As John Bacus (SketchUp Project Manager) said about our ideas…
“…I really like your use of the term “day to day” BIM.
I think you’re really onto something there.
This is how buildings really get built.”

Now, we could easily prove that BiMUp and SketchUp is a BIM platform and a BiM for Everyone

BiMUp for SketchUp Team
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