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About BiMUp Ready Component

About BiMUp Ready Component

+ BiMUp Data Rich Object™+ BiMUp Ready Template™+ BiMUp Ready Layers™

BiMUp Ready Component™ library contains variety of 3D SketchUp models with organised layering and naming structure, accurate scale and are ready for immediate use with BiMUp Ready Template in any project.

The library is subdivided into two main categories of models:

1. BiMUp Ready Component™ - 3D SketchUp model ready for Data Enrichment
2. BiMUp Data Rich Object™ - 3D SketchUp model with Enriched/Embedded Data

Data is Enriched/Embedded and subsequently Extracted/Read using:

BiMUp Warehouse™…

At the same time all BiMUp Warehouse™ models with BiMUp Ready™ badge are drawn to contain as little geometrical elements as possible. The reason for such a strict approach is to control the size of assembled 3D Models with the aim to keep them as small as possible.

We call our BiMUp Ready Component™ - BiMUp 3D Lean™.

Definition of LEAN (noun)

1. Containing little or no fat <lean meat>
2. The part of meat that consists principally of lean muscle

All BiMUp Ready Components™ follow a strict SketchUp/BiMUp Layering Convention where each element's visibility can be controlled by switching SketchUp Layers to ON/OFF.

BiMUp for SketchUp Team
SketchUp® is a registered trademark of Trimble®

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