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About BiMUp for SketchUp Team

Deborah Malek, MSc (Arch) ARB - Architect

Deborah Malek MSc (Arch) ARB - Architect
Deborah is a member of the BIM product development team.

She is also an Architect with over 10 years experience in the construction industry and has been involved in a number of projects within the Education, Commercial and Residential sectors with the emphasis on management. She has been responsible for the delivery of multi-million pound projects around London.

Some of the tasks included process co-ordination, making sure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.
Her attention to detail, ability to tie all aspects of various projects, successful conclusion, and her technical expertise are applied in day-to-day running of BiMUp Limited.

Gregory Malek, MSc (Arch) ARB, RIBA, ICIOB - Architect

Gregory Malek MSc (Arch) ARB, RIBA, ICIOB - Architect
Gregory is responsible for all aspects of the BIM products including
BiMUp Warehouse™ and the technical side of the BIMUp project.

His long track record in IT and software implementation for professionals goes back to the 90s, where he was at the heart of the first BIMproducts like MicroStation, ArchiCAD and ArchiTECH.PC.

He has over 20 years of experience using CAD systems. He is also an Architect with extensive experience in project and construction management acquired at the Top 100 world’s largest multi-disciplinary architectural practice and through his own construction company.

BiMUp for SketchUp Team
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